Examples of real counters by Plusarium users


Keyboard Type: Keypad Track your weight. You can watch your weight trends if you are on a diet, exercising or just want to keep track of your weight several times a month.


Keyboard Type: Time Track how much you sleep. The chart will show your sleep trends.


Keyboard Type: Plus Track the movies you watched or the ones you want to watch. The chart will show your movie trends and will give you unexpected stats of how many movie you have watched.


Keyboard Type: Plus Track attractions that you have visited on your travel trips. This will help you remember the details of your trip, share with others, or review years later.


Keyboard Type: Plus Make sure you are on track taking your prescriptions. These stats could be useful for you and your doctor in the future. This counter will help you stay on track with your treatments.


Keyboard Type: Plus Track the cigarettes you smoke and watch the trends. Tracking may help you reduce smoking.


Keyboard Type: Beer Beer Lovers! You can have real figures of how much beer and what beer you drink!


Keyboard Type: Time Log your time that you spent running or log miles or both.